About Ridaline

Our Company

Ridaline S.A. was born in 1997 from the joint of two companies with a large trajectory devoted to technical service and sales for analytical and biotechnical areas. We represent main international companies, leader in these fields, specialized in scientific instruments and laboratory equipments.

One of our main goals is not to work out our service at the supply, but in the introduction of new technologies, giving technical and professional support, advising and assisting our customers in the development of their projects of technical improvement.

From our beginnings, we decided to use ISO 9000 concepts in quality, commited ourselves with high quality as well as in service as in all the range of products lines we supply.

Our solutions and technical tools, covers markets such as: Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Research, Forensic, Diagnosis, Pharmaceutical Industry, Petrochemical, Health, Environmental, Food and Agriculture.

Main customers are both governmental and private institutions with activities from the academic and research area, as well as production, quality control, certifications and commercial.

Our technical service brings advisement, development of analytical techniques as well as uninterrupted maintenance of the supplied platforms. We have permanent staff based in our country and trained in our supplier facilities, and we are also granted with international support and constant technical update, in order to give an accurate response to our customers.

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