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Barnstead* E-Pure* Cartridge Kits

Thermo Scientific* Barnstead E-Pure Cartridge Kits are for use with the E-Pure ultrapure water purification system and are classified based on type of feedwater used.
Choose the cartridge pack according to your feed water and need for organic free water.

Cat. No.Description
D5022Cartridge kit for E-Pure 3-holder, Tap feed, Organic free
D5023Cartridge kit for E-Pure 4-holder, Tap feed, Organic free
D5028Cartridge kit for E-Pure 4-holder; Tap feed
D5029Cartridge kit for E-Pure 3-holder; Tap feed
D50227Cartridge kit for E-Pure 4-holder; Pretreated Feed
D50228Cartridge Kit for E-Pure 4-holder; Pretreated feed, Organic free

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